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This website was made with wordpress and even if awake does not deal with the sale of WordPress websites, you found this page via google. We as the supervising and devoloping WordPress agency in Bangkok were thankfully given the opportunity to add this subpage and thus advertise our service as wordpress specialists in Thailand.

What are the advantages of WordPress websites?

The website is the most central and important communication tool for most companies. To then be dependent on a programmer or a closed (and only accessible to the programmer) system that puts the customer in a state of complete dependency represents the absolute worst case, which must be avoided at all costs.

With WordPress, this dependency is ruled out from the outset because the system is open and, due to its popularity (about 50% of all websites worldwide are made with WordPress), there is a sufficiently large number of WordPress users and WordPress specialists to quickly find another maintainer in an emergency.

Managing website content is extremely easy – we usually work with a clear layout tool (Elementor Pro) to make websites even more efficient.

What many users love about WordPress is its simplicity, clarity and thus also its user-friendliness. Creating and managing content is child’s play and no programming knowledge is required at all in most places and for most projects.

WordPress has a large community – worldwide and also in Vorarlberg. That’s why more and more plugins and extensions are coming onto the market that improve the website and keep it constantly up to date.

Security gaps are quickly discovered and fixed. In addition, there are expert groups for WordPress, in which both beginners and experts are helped with questions or difficulties. The so-called minor updates, i.e. updates that contain only a few changes, can be installed automatically for WordPress. In this way, security vulnerabilities are automatically closed as soon as they are discovered.

WordPress is fundamentally designed for a high level of security. Nevertheless, there are several possibilities to make the website even more secure. Extensible security plugins integrate a firewall into the website that detects and blocks harmful data traffic. In addition, scanners check core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.

To manage a WordPress website, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. The installation of additional software is not necessary. This way you can manage your WordPress website even from your tablet while on holiday. All you need is an internet connection and your WordPress access data. Of course, control with the official app for iPhone and iPad or for Android devices is also optional.

WordPress is extremely easy to set up and with virtually all professional hosting companies, so-called one-click installation is possible, which greatly simplifies the process of setting it up for non-professionals.

WordPress is a fully-fledged website CMS and can also be used for larger projects. Due to the large community and the range of existing plugins and themes, an incredible amount can be made possible with WordPress. If you want, you could build a job board, a forum, a support system or an online shop into your WordPress website with just a few plugins – just to name a few possibilities. A WordPress website can also easily handle hundreds of subpages or products.

WordPress offers a very good basis for effective search engine optimisation (SEO) and for the performance of the website, i.e. the speed of its construction and its “delivery” to its website visitors.